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Assalamu Alaikum and welcome to the Islamic Society of Central Queensland Inc (ISCQ) website. We are grateful to almighty Allah (s.w.t.) for the launch of our website and pray that this will be a means of easy access to Masjid information, such as prayer times, forthcoming events, Masjid services and more. Our vision is to provide a range of holistic, culturally sensitive services for the communities of Rockhampton, drawing on our Islamic values and heritage, with a view to improving quality of life and enhancing community cohesion. more...

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At ISCQ Kids School we strive to provide a spiritually healthy and enjoyable atmosphere of learning. Our goal is to develop the future flag bearers of society with academic excellence and exemplary religious morals and ethics. This is a meeting point of culture, faith & knowledge. ...more

In the world a place dear to Allah is the Masjid. An excellent opportunity for all to come into the Masjid and see what happens "behind those closed doors". You can find all the latest events that will take place at ISCQ on our website time to time. We provide advice and supports. ...more

The masjid is the center of a Muslim community. Although masjids are specifically made for the worship of Allah, it is also a meeting point for Muslims to gain knowledge therein and recite The Qur’an, to remember Allah. Join ISCQ team as a member and start supporting from today! ...more